Squirrel control New HampshireA variety of squirrel types, such as gray squirrels or flying squirrels, can be on the loose in your New Hampshire home or business. Seeing squirrels in their natural habitat on trees and in parks can be enjoyable, but like birds, these critters can become a problem when they get too comfortable on your property. Squirrel populations can increase exponentially, like their other fellow rodents, and the numbers can get out of hand quickly. Squirrels in the attic and squirrels in the walls can be unsettling and dangerous, so please call us at 603.229.7447 for squirrel removal and squirrel control services!

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Common Squirrel Problems in New Hampshire

One of the most common complaints we receive when it comes to squirrel infestations is the damage they can be responsible for inside your New Hampshire home — attics and inside walls are common nesting areas for squirrels. Squirrels also:

  • Damage insulation to use for making nests, decreasing your home's ability to heat effectively
  • Stain floors and ceilings with large amounts of urine and feces, both of which can be health hazards
  • Steal birdseed from feeders and scare songbirds away

Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels are undeniably a nuisance rodent — it seems like they are always around and causing trouble. In order to achieve full squirrel removal and prevention, leave the work to the professionals at Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire. We can help you get rid of squirrels in your house and keep them out! Call today 603.229.7447 and let our technicians know how they can help!