Skunks are undeniably one of the more smelly nuisance animals that plague New Hampshire properties. These medium-sized striped mammals are responsible for more damage than you might expect, including serious yard damage. A skunk den is not an issue you want to take on alone, so call the team at Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire at 603.229.7447 to get rid of skunks today!

Common Skunk Problems

Skunk Walking in Yard, Skunk Control in New HampshireWith their distinctive stripes and powerful odor, skunks are truly a unique creature. Did you know skunks can aim and control their spray with cone-shaped anal glands that can spray as far as ten feet? Aside from their spray, there are a number of other issues skunks can be responsible for, including:

  • Yard damage when searching for their preferred food source, insects
  • Skunks can also dig at bases of structures to search for food, like under porches and outbuildings
  • Disease transmission; skunks are known carriers of rabies, which doesn't always present itself as aggression in an animal, so be cautious if a skunk approaches you

Skunks are omnivorous and will eat opportunistically. They eat several types of insects as well as berries, foliage, fungi, and nuts. In human-inhabited areas, skunks will eat garbage if they can gain access to trash left outside.

Skunk Trapping & Control in New Hampshire

Trapping skunks is only part of the full-service skunk control we offer to residents in the New Hampshire area. One of the most important aspects of effective skunk control is habitat modification and skunk exclusion—aka keeping skunks out. Skunks are quite stubborn and do not want to move once they've established themselves in a certain area. Arguably, the most effective way to discourage skunks from wanting to come onto your New Hampshire property is to keep things like trash and pet food secure, cover window wells and secure doors to barns and other outbuildings. 

Contact Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire for expert skunk removal. We can get rid of skunks!