Raccoon problems in New Hampshire can be overwhelming for homeowners. Raccoons appear to be non-threatening, but can harm your family and pets if you are not careful to remove the raccoon promptly. If you spot a raccoon on your New Hampshire property, especially during the daytime, don't panic. We can help you with raccoon services, including keeping raccoons off your property for good by installing raccoon exclusion methods. Contact us today at 603.229.7447 or reach us online!

Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons can cause mischief in your garden, your yard, and your home. Some of the most commonly reported raccoon problems include:

  • Their destructive nesting & food seeking tendencies
  • Physical damage to floors and walls from feces and urine accumulation
  • Diseases and sickness from coming into contact with the raccoon itself or raccoon waste

How & Why to Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons are wild animals and some people may find it hard to disturb them in their natural habitat. However, when raccoons approach or enter your home or are too close for comfort, please do not approach them. Healthy raccoons are not friendly, so if a raccoon seems interactive, it is likely rabid. Rabid raccoons are incredibly dangerous to engage with, so we highly recommend calling a professionally trained raccoon removal specialist. Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire can safely remove and relocate raccoons and repair raccoon damage. Call us today 603.229.7447