The majority of birds are not a nuisance and are quite pleasant to encounter in nature. New Hampshire avian creatures like swallows, woodpeckers and finches are all beautiful—until they begin pestering you. Gulls and pigeons are the most common bird problems reported by New Hampshire residents, with their damage most often appearing in the form of hazardous excrement and urine. Call Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire at 603.229.7447 to learn more about New Hampshire's bird control problems and we will help you get rid of birds. You can also reach us through our contact form.

Most Common Bird Problems in New Hampshire

Pigeon Walking Across Roof in New HampshireBusiness owners in New Hampshire frequently report birds roosting on their roofs, disrupting business, and causing potential structural damage with their dropping. Some other common reasons residents or business owners contact Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire for bird trapping and bird removal include:

  • Disruptive noises and behavior
  • Excessive waste that can gather on rooftops (much of this waste is actually corrosive and can physically damage roof material)
  • Potential diseases that can be transmitted through waste, feathers, or directly by scratches
  • Birds in the attic or birds that get into your home through vents can require bird removal services

Pigeon control and trapping of other birds are best left to bird removal professionals like those at Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire. 

Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire Can Help!

As your full wildlife animal removal company, Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire has the equipment, resources, and knowledge to properly keep birds away. Our trained professionals have years of experience dealing with bird damage and bird cleanup. We are familiar with the laws that protect New Hampshire birds. The bird control specialists at Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire can help you with bird removal. Give Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire a call today or reach out to our team online to have your bird problems solved!