New Hampshire residents often contact us for bat removal help. Bats in New Hampshire tend to get into attics, walls and chimneys while searching for food or a comfortable, quiet and dark area to roost. Although bats' diets consist primarily of insects, making them beneficial to the ecosystem (and those with entomophobia!), bats are still quite dangerous if they are in close proximity to humans. Call Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire today at 603.229.7447 for help getting rid of bats! You can also reach us online HERE.

The Need for Bat Control

Little Brown Bat on Concrete, New Hampshire Bat ControlMost bats in the New Hampshire area are only a few inches long, but the damage they're responsible for is inconceivable. The biggest issue with bats is their hazardous urine and feces. Bats can get into homes through cracks as small across as a dime. Some common bat problems include:

  • Large deposits of guano often found in corners of attics
  • Presence in chimneys, although sometimes by accident
  • Bites or scratches that can lead to potentially fatal diseases

So is Bat Trapping and Removal Really Necessary?

New Hampshire is home to several species of bats, including the Eastern red bat, silver-haired bat, northern long-eared bat, little brown bat, and big brown bat, to name a few. Many of these bats are endangered, so we do not suggest handling or attempting to trap them. Bat dropping removal and bat exclusion services are both common Wildlife X Team® New Hampshire requests, so rest assured our team is experienced in bat control and ready to handle any bat problem! Call us at 603.229.7447 and we can help you get rid of bats and keep bats out of your home!